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Mark Rothman, Attorney-at-Law

I have been a probate attorney for 23 years.

I have probated hundreds of estates.  My most difficult probate case however, came in 2008 when my mother Elaine passed away.  The experience of probating my own mother's estate transformed me, instilling an empathy for others who have lost loved ones, and an understanding of the confusion often endured by my clients at such a difficult time.

Our Vision for Your Probate Source

I established Your Probate Source to

  • Provide compassionate, professional and efficient probate administration services

  • Assist those clients not requiring a probate, but are still intimidated and confused with the myriad of forms and applications which need attention; and

  • To act as a resource for our clients of other professionals often involved in the administration of a probate estate

Though we know we cannot relieve your grief, our hope is that we can eliminate the stress and confusion associated with the loss of your loved.  We consider it a privilege each time we are hired to assist each and every client.